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  1. Hey,
    this is Chuck Beickel.
    I was one of the youth from summerville oregon when you brought Word of Life to Northeast Oregon.

    I called you a year or two ago. Just to help you remember. My wife left, walked away from the Lord, her boys, the ministry and life as she knew it.

    Anyway, maybe that will jog your memory.

    God has blessed and been so gracious and of course used for His Glory what some meant for evil.

    This is the web site for the Church where I Pastor. The Lord has so graciously given me a beautiful wife and two little girls one ten and one six.

    Just thought I would touch base again.

    Psalm 16:11
    Chuck Beickel


  2. Posted by Burleigh on November 7, 2012 at 3:05 am

    Hey you, what are you and Diane up to? Thinking about you guys, hope all is well.


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