Honoring my mother . . .

Today, May 4th, is my precious mother’s (Anna Ramey Carpenter) 82nd birthday and this Sunday is Mother’s Day. From childhood my mother has been committed to prayer and reaching the lost. Her father, my grandfather, Ira Myrick, was a ‘crazy’ evangelist. At the end of his life of ministry when he was ‘just to old to get preaching invitations to churches’ he hitch-hiked up and down Highway 101 in California. When he would get a ride, he would bring out his big King James Bible and begin preaching the gospel to everyone in the car! When he couldn’t get rides (because he looked so old) he would bring my grandmother, Carrie, with him because people would feel sorry for her. Grandpa Myrick won many people to Christ in their car – others dropped him off as fast as they could!!! One convert was a California Highway Patrol Officer who picked him up for vagrancy. By the time they arrived at the jail, this CHP officer was born again!

My mom’s 1st husband, my dad, Arthur Ramey, was an evangelist/pastor. While my mom was at BIOLA, ‘preparing to be a missionaries/pastor’s wife’ she ran into this loud man standing on a wooden box and preaching the gospel on the sidewalk of Los Angeles. She eventually married that man. They passionately served the Lord until my dad was taken to glory while preaching the gospel message in his church pulpit in 1980 at the age of only 56.

Mom was married a year-and-a-half later to pastor Bob Carpenter. Together they are faithful in their church and pray every day for the lost in their neighborhood and all over the world. They pray for us every day. Dad Bob and mom are behind our “Missional Living” ministry and believe it is a need in the church today.

I honor the life of my dear mother today. I know she is praying for us. My mother has been a “Missional Liver” all of her life!!! O how we need this kind of ‘old school’ commitment today!


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  1. Posted by Daisy Brandhorst on October 8, 2010 at 10:25 pm

    We have our grandmother’s baptism certificate with the name “Rev. Arthur N.(?) Ramey” signed on it. I was trying to do some research on her, and found this article. I am wondering if this could have been your father? Place and date would be Church of the Wildwood, North San Juan, California; August 6th, 1950. What do you think? Thanks so much!


    • Yes!!!! Rev Arthur Neil Ramey IS my father. I was born in 1948 after dad and mom moved from North San Juan to Los Angeles. My dad went directly to heaven while preaching in the pulpit on December 22nd, 1980, at the church he started 18 years before, Calvary Baptist Church of Anaheim. He was a fabulous husband, father of 4 (my brother and I are in the ministry) and pastor/evangelist. My mom married a widowed pastor a little over a year dad passed away and she is still living with Pastor Bob Carpenter in Camarillo, CA. I would be happy to answer any of your questions! God bless you!


  2. Posted by Joe fazzio on February 24, 2017 at 1:27 am

    Hi Ken my name is Joe Fazio I was a member at calvary Baptist church in Anaheim CA .your dad was a inspiration to me and still is to this day . And I truly believe if it weren’t for his wonderful love for Christ I would never have been born again . So glad to find you . I was lookin for old sermons by your dad to hear . I would love to have some . If you know where I could find them I would appreciate it . I miss you father and wish he could see what God is doing in my life . Thanks Ken . PS, I remember a day I went to your dad’s home for dinner . After we ate he wanted to show me his tie rack that he just loved . He was so proud of it . He taught me how to be humble . Amen . My phone number is 442 284-6005 . I can’t seem to get into my email these days lol . Thanks .


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