The 2nd Congregation . . .

Every local church pastor has 2 congregations:

1. The congregation of those who gather at the church on Sunday’s and other events/ministries the church offers.
Church members/attenders are congregation #1.

2.  Every member/attender in congregation #1 has a ‘world’ outside of the church.  That ‘world’ consists of people in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, hobby groups, extended families, etc. who do not attend church but are in some relationship with a church member/attender.

It is the responsibility of the pastor to teach their people that they are ‘ministers’, ambassadors, and yes, even ‘pastors’, to their own worlds.

The pastor then sees that the Sunday service and other ministries
(small groups, classes, etc) are for the equipping, challenging, motivating, blessing of all the ministers who will leave the church each week and enter into his/her own ministry.

The end result will be that those in congregation #2 will move into congregation #1 because of the prayer and work of the entire congregation of ministers.

It is the mission of Ken Ramey and EvangeCoach Ministries to serve the local church pastor and leaders in coaching/training the ‘ministers’ (local church believing congregation) to succeed in evangelizing (witnessing to) his/her ‘world’ (sphere of influence) with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is the one totally time sensitive mission that God has given to the church.

Therefore it is urgent and essential that we mobilize the whole church to take the whole gospel to the whole world.

The present state of evangelism in many of our local churches demands that we act now to evaluate, recalibrate and redouble our commitment to see our communities brought to faith in Christ. 

If not now . . . then when?

What we think about Evangelism

What evangelism is not . . .

  • It is not an optional activity for the follower of Jesus Christ.
  • It is not a scheduled activity reserved for a Tuesday night or Saturday morning.
  • It is not an activity designed or reserved for    the “professional church worker”.
  • It is not a human endeavor.
  • It is not listed as one of the “spiritual gifts” in the Scriptures.

What evangelism is . . .

  • It is the expected lifestyle of a follower of Jesus Christ.
    The Scriptures talk about when you go not if you go. If we say we are following Christ but He is not in front of us, we are not following. Luke 19:10 tells us where Christ is headed.
    “The Son of Man came to seek and save that which is lost.”
  • It is the one extremely urgent, totally time sensitive issue He gave to His followers. Sharing the Good News is a window of opportunity that must be grasped from the front side. The window of opportunity will close at some point.
  • It is the earthly means to accomplish God’s purposes for time. We put flesh and blood on the work of His Spirit.
  • It is about God.  He is the great evangelist.

He is seeking, pursuing, drawing and saving at any given moment.
When we see evangelism as something that we do more than what He is doing it quickly becomes a burden to bear. If we join Him in what He is doing, our biggest task is to be sensitive to His Spirit; to stay in tune with what He is doing.

  • Evangelism becomes more about our availability than just our ability.

Contact Ken to discuss holding the “Bringing My World To Christ” Workshop in your church.   


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