NY City – what a mission field!!!

Diane & I just returned from spending a week loving on and caring for our 3 grandsons (children of Paul & Meredith) in NY City. They live on the 5th floor of an old, old apartment building – no elevator or air conditioning. The windows look directly down on very busy city streets which are noisy 24/7. Paul and Mere are serving the Lord as urban missionaries (www.urbanjournal.net) to the lost and dying in this very unchurched city. They hold church services on Sundays in 2 different communities and last Sunday we loved being a part of both. The hand of God is obvious and the ‘Missional Living’ vision is alive and well as part of this ministry. The gift of “evangelist” is strong on the pastoral team as is all the gifts God gave the church. Paul’s new musical album, “Alright” will be available in stores all over America on May 5th. We are blessed parents!

Will you pray for Paul and Mere’s ministry?!

Thank you for your prayer for us. Since I resigned my full-time job as a Honda Sales Consultant on April 15, the Lord has raised up a good number of friends who will be on our committed prayer team. Through faithful prayer, the Lord will guide our ministry and enlarge our vision. He will, also, take care of our personal needs according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus!

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