Church Service looks like a "Staff Meeting?"

A small vision of what a church service could be –

On early Sunday morning, May 31st, I lay in bed excited to go to church at New Life Community in Lake Tapps for the first time. God gave me a vision of what an exciting church service would be for me. Throughout the many years of pastoral ministry, I have had the joy to attend some fantastic “staff meetings” in many local churches where I served. It was these staff meetings that I looked forward to the most! At a Spirit-led church “staff meeting”, all the elements that should be in the church service, happened:

  • The leader (Sr Pastor) prayed and planned for excellence in each staff meeting
    There was excitement and anticipation of all the staff and most were always early (a leader who is ‘on time’ is LATE!)
  • We started on time (having already had ‘small talk and fellowship in the office before staff meeting) and began with the leader praying for God’s presence and blessing on our time.
  • Then we worshipped – either with a worship pastor leading with his/her guitar or with CD’s on a stereo. The worship is awesome because we are in love with Jesus and love to sing His praises together! Worship clears out the enemy and unifies the worshippers. God is glorified!
  • After worship singing, or during, we shared and prayed for one another. We shared personal burdens, concerns, hopes and dreams. Many times we would all gather around a specific staff member for intense prayer.
  • Then we would move to a challenge from the Word – from the Sr Pastor or from one he asked to share. The message to the staff was always intentional and strong… not just milk.
  • After the Word, we had discussion around the table: each shared what was happening in his/her ministry; each had specific prayer needs in their ministry; many would seek help or counsel about something specific they faced in their ministry.
  • Then prayer happened again – specifically for the ministries!
  • Finally, the leader would bring a challenge focused on the big picture – the Mission of the church and the Vision – how are we doing to accomplish the mission? It was a “get all excited” message and “keep on keeping on” challenge!

EVERYONE always left the staff meeting trained, blessed, encouraged and challenged to be all we could be for God’s glory for the accomplishment of His purpose in our church.

In my vision on that Sunday morning in May, I saw the Sunday church service. If all believers are really ‘ministers’ (staff members), the church service could be seen as a staff meeting! Yes, this would be difficult for large churches, therefore the small groups would be ‘staff meeting’ as the church trains, blesses, encourages and challenges every member to be an effective and successful Christ Follower for the Glory of God and the growth of the local church. I believe this kind of church service would cause every member to feel like an equal staff member – part of the team doing the work of ministry – each in his/her mission field.

To me, this is an exciting vision! I want to see this happen in a church someday!


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